Testimonials from interns that we have had over the last three years in Florida and California

Melanie Blatzheim

Going abroad, gaining work experiences in another country, and improving my English – that’s what I always wanted. American Ring gave me the great opportunity to work in California and make all my dreams come true. After working for a tour operator in Germany, I started my 6-month-internship at the headquarters of American Ring Travel in Valencia in March, 2013. I heard from colleagues about the internship and applied without hesitation.

Fortunately, I got accepted and started working in the Documentation Department with other young team members. They helped me a lot with developing my skills and giving me many responsibilities. The whole office makes it really easy for interns to feel at home and everyone cares a lot about you. I lived with a colleague 10 minutes away from work and had a fantastic time there. I met great people during the month in the US and found friends for life. Besides all that, I traveled as much as I could in the country and saw some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. California is a great state to travel and live in and I will miss the sun and the awesome weather as soon as I’m back in Germany. As an Intern at American Ring, you get the chance to experience one of the best times in your life and I am very glad I took this chance.

Elena Boyadjis

Born in an international family (German Mother, Greek Father, Family in Ireland, Greece, Germany, France, myself grown up in France), it was obvious that I would work in tourism and want to travel around the globe. My dream was to spend a few months abroad. American Ring Travel gave me that chance in offering me a 6-month internship at the Orlando office, Florida.

So, here I am since March 2013, discovering the “New World”. It is my first work experience that lasts for so long and that is so far away from home. Honestly? You could never find a better place.

As it is a receptive tour operator, I discover North America, which is exactly what I expected, whether at work or during my travels throughout the state. I also acquire a lot of experience about the work itself. I now understand how round trips are being organized, from their conception to the moment our clients leave the continent, which means hard work in the background. I know how to deal with the suppliers and the clients, and manage different tools such as rooming lists, tour packages for guides, invoices and so on. But this is only the “regular” work. Indeed, I also learned a lot about how to deal with unexpected situations.

I would never have learned so much without the great team of ART always willing to help, not to mention their kindness.

It is very encouraging how my English and professional skills both got better during the last 3 months, so I look forward to see how I will do by the end of my Internship.

When I come back to France, I will subscribe for an English bachelor in international hospitality and tourism management.

As a conclusion, an internship at ART is a once in a lifetime experience.

Maike Berlau

I have always been curious about different countries with their culture and language. The opportunity to do a 6-month-internship with American Ring Travel, Inc. in California was therefore the perfect chance for me to improve my English, gain new work knowledge and of course to experience the “American Way of Life”. After working for a tourism company in Germany, I was very excited to experience the tourism branch from a new point of view.
During my time here, I worked in the FIT Product Department. In this department, we dealt with everything which has to do with contracting. It started with requesting contracts from different hotels and ends with loading the rates into our system. I really enjoyed the work because there are many different steps involved until a product is finally ready to load and that makes it really diversified and interesting. Furthermore, I gained a wide range of different skills from reading and interpreting contracts to communicate with hotel partners. As an intern in this department you get your own responsibilities and be able to work very independently. The whole team is really supportive and makes you feel right at home.
But besides the work, I also traveled as much as possible during my time here. From huge Sequoia trees in Sequoia and Yosemite NP to huge hotels and casinos in Las Vegas – the great variety of attractions at the West Coast is just a unique lifetime experience!
Working for ART was an awesome experience and I am really glad I took the opportunity to spend some time abroad. When I go back to Germany, I will start college but I will never forget about my amazing time here in Los Angeles with the entire ART family!

Franziska Weiss

I have been working as an Intern for American Ring Travel in Miami, FL since August of 2011. I have wanted to work and live in the United States for many years. While working for a travel agency in Germany, an opportunity came up to work for one of our long time partner’s in the United States and I took it – I was ready to start my 18-month-internship.

Our office in Miami is responsible for bus tours on the East Coast as well as pre-/post cruise programs in Florida. This includes managing our hotel allotments, taking care of reservations for our guests, arranging transfer services and providing tour guides with all necessary documents and information. Working with the tour guides has been a very interesting learning experience. With the guide’s input as well as the feedback of our previous guests, we are able to make the necessary adjustments to ensure the tours operate smoothly.

What I have enjoyed about my internship with American Ring Travel is the opportunity I have been given as an intern to work independently. As a result, I have learned how to deal with stressful and exceptional situations which can sometimes occur during a tour or even prior to its start. I was able to best understand the process in which a tour operates when I was given the opportunity participate in one of our tours. I really enjoyed it and it was great to see the end result of all our time and hard work.

I’m happy that I was able to achieve my goal of working abroad and able to be part of this company in the process.

Johanna-Hedwiga Hiiemäe

I am 23-years old and I come from Estonia. I have always been an adventurous person as I have already lived in three different countries in Europe. I needed to carry out an internship for my university and when I heard about American Ring Travel, it sounded like the ideal company for that. ART’s business activity aligned perfectly with my degree program and carrying it out in California sounded like a great adventure! I learned a lot of new things during these six months by carrying out various different tasks in Inventory Department and Product & Contracting Department. I had great colleagues and supervisors who helped me gain new skills and develop myself professionally. ART has a really nice group of people working together – like a big friendly family who warmly welcomes you to their home. Besides the company, California itself is a great destination to visit with its various gorgeous landscapes and nature. An overseas work experience is a great opportunity for personal and professional development and I definitely encourage doing it at American Ring Travel. I hope you will enjoy this experience as much as we did!

Alexander Steltz

When I am asked the question,” What is one of the best times in your life?” I don’t need to think about my answer very long. The 6 months I spent in Los Angeles working for American Ring Travel is definitely one of the best.

From the moment I arrived, my colleagues at American Ring made me feel right at home. Not only did they welcome me and invite me out with them after work, but they took the time to explain the different departments to me as well as the day-to-day tasks so that I could learn and understand how everything operated. As my knowledge increased, I was given the opportunity for more responsibilities. Through this experience I found myself developing in both a professional way and personal way.

When I first arrived I stayed in a hotel in Valencia, located near the office. One week later I found myself moving to Hollywood where I rented a room in an apartment that I shared with people from France, Ethiopia and the UK. This living arrangement added to a wonderful experience allowing me to make new friends and practice my English in the process.

Towards the end of my internship, I realized I didn’t want to leave Los Angeles and all of the new friends I had made. I am still in contact with so many people from LA and American Ring and I am sure that I will come back to and visit when I complete my studies in Germany.

To all future interns, I wish you all the best and a memorable experience working for American Ring Travel!

René Klostermann

Hi, my name is René, I´m 24 years old and originally from Germany. I recently completed an internship for American Ring Travel in both the Orlando and Miami offices.

This was my first work experience abroad, and I really enjoyed my time with ART. From the beginning I was given a lot of responsibility with the support of the entire team. As a result, I was able to adapt the daily workflow very quickly and overcome the language barrier. In addition to the knowledge I gained, I was also provided an opportunity to travel through the country and explore some of the culture.

With this amazing experience behind me, I am now back in Germany continuing my education in business administration.